Maryhill Nursery 

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Step by Step Nursery is located in Sandfield St, just off Maryhill Rd, near the junction with Queen Margaret Drive, and is registered for 70 children.

Baby Rooms 0-2 years

We have 4 baby playrooms for our youngest children, offering a natural, heuristic and calming atmosphere for no more than 6 children in three rooms and 11 in the other.  There is one room specific to younger babies, 2 other playrooms are allocated in regards to age and stage of the children attending each day as well as the activities taking place. The 4th playroom is a dedicated indoor active playroom for physical development, making friends and playing together with all ages.

Having such small groups in our loving baby department enables us to foster excellent and meaningful relationships with families and the children during the first few years of development. The staff work closely with the children each day, offering fun activities, “wiggle, giggle, hug and tickle” time and outside play too, all presented with plenty of love and laughter.

The children have access to the outdoors every day, either in our secure, all weather garden, in local parks or they go on local walks.

They particularly enjoy visiting the ‘Happy Park’ and the Botanic Gardens.

At two years old the little ones start to transition into our downstairs playroom for 2-5 year olds, this is called the Friendship Forest.  The transition process is individual to each child and is arranged in agreement with parents.  The initial visits will always be with each child’s key worker and timed and planned to ensure a seamless and happy move downstairs.

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Playroom – Friendship Forest - 2-5 years

The Friendship Forest is a large playroom with two separate areas designated for quieter activities, one quiet room and one creative playroom.  The playroom downstairs can accommodate up to 41 children over the three spaces where a supportive learning environment is implemented to enable every child to progress.

Children attending the Friendship Forest have the opportunity to participate in many group activities including visits to the library, the local care home, walks the park and a daily group are taken to Forest School Activities in the Children’s Wood.

MHL - Swimming venueThe children are also offered swimming lessons, the staff take the children to the local swimming baths in Maryhill, they walk down or travel down on the local bus service.

But within the playroom itself the staff encourage curiosity and investigation through play. Each area of the playroom has dedicated learning opportunities through loose parts play, art and craft resources, early writing materials, construction blocks, quiet area and home corner.  Staff ensure each child is active in their play and learning is individual to their actual interest.

The nursery also has outside space where the children can ride on bikes and scooters, staff organise parachute games, and there is a mud kitchen as well as space for running games and sports. 

Although the nursery is on two levels there are occasions when the children come together.  The older children will often visit the baby department to play together and show young children their skills, drawing shapes in sand or singing new songs.  The babies also visit the Friendship Forest to watch the children rehearse for the nativity or listen to a story.  These are opportunities for siblings to play together and learn together.

Parents are able to view their child’s learning through our on line app “Parent Zone” or through our closed Facebook page that any parent will be given access.

As you can see the children are very busy in the nursery, staff are busy with all of the above, however, their priority is to love and cherish the children and their achievements.  Offering fun on a daily basis and making the children laugh comes naturally to our enthusiastic and dedicated staff team who ensure the wellbeing of each child met.

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