Being a Toddler in Nursery

Flexible accommodation for all children


Children aged between two and three years of age are no longer babies, but are not yet ready for the young children's playroom.

These children love to explore and we encourage this through the variety of high quality experiences.

We implement Scotland’s own curriculum guidance for children under 3, Pre-birth to Three: Positive outcomes for Scotland’s Children and Families.  All the children within our settings are nurtured consistently through Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) policy.

Our staff know the children individually and understand their unique interests in learning. The staff create a nurturing environment that is rich in social interaction, with positive role modelling and offers engaging experiences that are fun and exciting. 

TweeniesUsing a ratio of 1 adult to 5 children, your child will develop their social skills in a small groups where they can make friends and have fun. Enabling social skills will support children to build close relationships with their key worker and other staff. They will enjoy all aspects of play both inside and outdoors and adults will always be close for support in learning and for cuddles.

There is always a quiet area available for children to relax for a while and we will ensure that learning is at each child's individual pace.  Many of our Toddlers are able to take a sleep or a short nap if they need one.  Your child's routine will be discussed sensitively with their key worker through each age and stage of development. 

We are happy to help you manage your child’s toilet training and encourage children to become more independent in their personal skills. We offer many health promoting programmes throughout the nursery including Smile Too, our menus are created from Setting the Table guidance for early years nutrition and Wiggle Giggle Hug and Tickle.