Tweenies Nursery

Flexible accommodation for all children


Children aged between two and three years of age are no longer babies, but are not yet ready for the structure of pre-school education – the Tweenies.

These children love to explore and we encourage this through the variety of activities on offer.

We follow Scotland’s own curriculum guidance for children under 3, Pre-birth to Three: Positive outcomes for Scotland’s Children and Families.

Our staff design a programme specifically to meet the individual needs of each child, to identify their next steps and to help children to achieve those next steps.


TweeniesUsing a ratio of about 1 adult to 5 children, your child will build their social skills in a small group whilst still allowing them a close bond with their key worker. They will enjoy all kinds of play both in and out of doors and adult led activities are provided which relate to children’s own interests.

There is always a quiet area available if your child want to relax for a while and we will ensure that learning is at each individual child’s pace, and many Tweenies still have a little sleep in the afternoon.

We are happy to help you manage your child’s toilet training and encourage children to become more independent in their personal skills. We are a Health Promoting nursery offering a balanced diet and all children are encouraged to brush their teeth at nursery as part of the Smile Too programme.