Cumbernauld Nursery

Cumbernauld-babiesStep by Step Nursery in Cumbernauld is just off Eastfield Rd, and is registered for 41 children.

Baby Room

We can care for up to twelve babies and the staff are especially selected for their caring and nurturing personalities.

The atmosphere within the room is relaxed and calm with lots of soft furnishings, variable lighting and natural wooden materials, encouraging the babies to develop all of their senses.

The babies have their own special area in the garden.

Playroom – 2-5 years


The 2-5 room is designed to meet the growing needs of the children and we have a very effective Active Learning programme.

The room is furnished with natural wooden furniture that is used to divide the room into small, intimate and focused play spaces.

These allow each child to explore and learn in the way that suits them best and highly qualified and enthusiastic staff will interact appropriately to progress the learning.

There is an outdoor area which is used daily by the children and they can extend their learning in an environment which provides many open ended play experiences.


Nursery staff are specially trained to deliver outdoor play and the ‘Forest School’s’ approach. (Visit the Forest Education initiative for further information).

Our Cumbernauld parents are particularly involved in assessing and evaluating their nursery and the management team value the information they give to continually improve the service.